Power Tool Services are an Authorized Dealer for all brands that we sell. We focus on service and making sure your product can serve you for as along as possible. 

All manufacturer offered warranties are in place for products purchased from our store. 

12 Month Warranty - Standard Manufacturer Warranty

24 Month Warranty - Standard Manufacturer Warranty

36 Month Warranty - Standard Manufacturer Warranty - Some Brands like Festool, Bosch DIY etc require product registration for the full 36 Months and offer a standard 12 Month Warranty if the product is not registered within 30 Days. We advertise 36 Month Warranty as that is the warranty available to you provided you register your product with the manufacturer.

Some products require you to register your product within 30 days from Purchase. Most of these brands have a standard 12 Month limited Warranty in place and some offer a 24 month extension of this warranty provided that you register your tool. Brands that require a product registration are Bosch DIY and Festool. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to register these products for 36 Month Limited Warranty. 

We do our best to make sure all information is accurate and true, however sometimes we make mistakes and we therefore reserve the right to any errors or omissions in the product descriptions, titles or body. 


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