Tork Craft Annular Hole Cutter Hss 30mm Long ( Select Size )

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Size: 13mm
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Tork Craft Annular Hole Cutter Hss 30mm Long are an advanced cutting tool designed for making precise, burr-free holes in tube and pipe. They provide efficient cutting performance and improved hole quality compared to traditional twist drills. With a hollow core and evenly distributed cutting edges, annular cutters require less horsepower and thrust, resulting in faster cutting speeds and longer tool life.

  • Conical surface inside: The cutter's conical inner surface ensures precise center pilot fitting.
  • Faster cutting: The cutting edges distribute the load evenly, resulting in faster cutting.
  • Increased accuracy: Annular cutters provide more accurate and cleaner holes.
  • Greater drill depth: These cutters can achieve greater drilling depths than traditional drills.
  • Enhanced durability: Annular cutters are stronger and less fragile.
  • Guaranteed slug ejection: The cutter design ensures efficient slug ejection after each hole.
  • Burr-free finished holes: Annular cutters cut only the material around the hole's periphery, leaving a solid slug that falls out, resulting in burr-free holes.

Technical Data

 Length of cut 30mm


1x Annular Cutter

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