Festool Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Ks 60 E Kapex 561683

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Mobility, versatility and best results ƒ?? perfectly combined.

The new KAPEX KS 60 dispenses with everything not needed for the job ƒ?? such as every unnecessary gram of weight. With impressive features such as ergonomically positioned carrying handles, cord holder and transport safety device and an extremely compact design thanks to flush-mounted guide rods, this device makes no compromises in terms of precision and versatility ƒ?? with a mitre angle on both sides of up to 60 degrees and an inclination angle on both sides of up to 46 or 47 degrees. The Festool twin-column guide with two bearings ensures that the saw blade is guided reliably and smoothly. A range of other clever details such as the LED spotlight, the pull-out extension table, the additional groove function and the bevel help to make the KAPEX KS 60 a perfect combination of mobility, versatility and optimum results.

  • Compact and lightweight, with ergonomic handles and cord holder
  • LED spotlight to show cutting lines precisely (included in the set or available as an accessory)
  • Bevel for producing interior and exterior angles
  • Inclination angle of up to 47?ø/46?ø on each side and mitre angle of up to 60?ø on each side

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Minimal waste ƒ?? minimal material costs, thanks to the error-free transfer of the angle with the bevel and LED spotlight for optimum visibility of the scribe mark (included in the set or available as an accessory).

  • Convenient and safe:

    Ideal for use on the move, whether on the ground floor or the third floor, thanks to its compact design, low weight, ergonomic configuration of the hand grips, integrated cord holder and transport safety device.

  • Innovative down to the finest detail:

    Without needing to retrofit the saws or use complex material combinations. Particularly for long workpieces thanks to swivelling to 60?ø on both sides and tilting to 47?ø/46?ø on both sides including integrated extension table.

    Main applications

    • Ideal for mobile use in assembly applications
    • Cutting boards and panels up to 305 x 60 mm
    • Trimming strips, profiles and square timber up to 60 mm thick
    • Precisely angled adjustment of skirting boards and cornices without calculations ƒ?? in conjunction with the bevel

    Performance features

    • Festool Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Ks 60 E Kapex 561683

      Antistatic function

      Mobile dust extractors and tools with the antistatic function to prevent static charge from accumulating when working.

    • Festool Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Ks 60 E Kapex 561683

      MMC digital electronics

      Processor controlled ƒ??Multi Material Controlƒ?� power electronics provide adjustable and constant speeds as well as temperature monitoring for work on all types of material.

    • Festool Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Ks 60 E Kapex 561683


      Integrated bayonet fitting as the connecting element between the extractor and the tool.

    • Festool Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Ks 60 E Kapex 561683


      LED light for simple and precise placement against the scribe mark.

    Technical data

    Power consumption - 1ƒ??200 W
    Idle engine speed - 1ƒ??300 - 3ƒ??500 minƒ�¯??
    Saw blade diameter - 216,00 mm
    Cutting depth 90?ø/90?ø - 305 x 60 mm
    Cutting depth at 45?ø/90?ø - 215 x 60 mm
    Cutting depth 45?ø/45?ø (left) - 215 x 40 mm
    Inclination angle - 47/46 ?ø
    Mitre angle - 60/60 ?ø
    Dimensions (W x D x H) - 661 x 475 x 430 mm
    Dust extraction connection dia. - 27/36 mm
    Weight - 17,80 kg
    Cutting depth 60?ø/90?ø - 150 x 60 mm
    Cutting depth 45?ø/45?ø (right) - 215 x 20 mm

    Noise and vibration values

    Sawing: Total vibration average, Ah - 2,50 m/s?ý
    Sawing: Uncertainty (noise) K - 3,00 dB
    Sawing: A-weighted sound power level, LWA - 100,00 dB(A)
    Sawing: A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA - 91,00 dB(A)
    Sawing: Uncertainty (vibration) K - 1,50 m/s?ý

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