Education surrounding COVID-19

Our staff has been empowered with relevant information and guided on personal hygiene and preventative measures in our Branches, as we continue to deliver our services uninterrupted to you.


Precautionary measures

We have equipped our operations teams and drivers with hand sanitizers and face masks to mitigate the risk of contracting or spreading the virus.

Drivers have been advised to avoid unnecessary contact with any person they come across and to practise social distancing throughout when taking care of your colliveries.

We have increased the frequency of cleaning in high traffic areas in our offices and hand sanitisers have been installed throughout the buildings.

We have also implemented the use of Infrared contactless thermometers at our main facility as an additional preventative measure and our staff is checked on a daily basis. 

Plan of action

Should a confirmed case of the Covid-19 virus present itself in our business, we have a detailed plan in place that guides our response, based on the advice of the NICD among other things, specialist cleaning of our Branches and Vehicles.

Our isolation protocols determined by tracing a customer's or an employee’s journey through customers and people which is made easier with the aid of our system which tracks our driver’s movement throughout the day.


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